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About Dream World Bangkok

Dream World Bangkok is a classical European-style amusement park which features vibrant displays, flowery gardens, waterworks, a snow park and entertainment performances in a bright, lively atmosphere and a variety of enthralling rides. The park has been designed to cater the needs of visitors from all age groups. As it’s the best place to capture the wonders of fairy-tale dreamland and get amazed with the craziest rides, therefore would serve as the most appropriate place for a day trip in Bangkok.

The Dream World Amusement Park, Bangkok has various interesting corners like the Dream World Plaza where you can relax in the gardens adjacent to the lake and ride on the water tricycles. In the Dream Garden enjoy the famous colourful parade and various rides like the racing cars and the speedy mouse.

On going further deep in the park, have fun at the world of renowned fairy tales in the Sleeping Beauty’s castle and the Giant House. The park also has beautiful landscapes at Crazy Zone and Photopia which can be the perfect spots to click pictures and create sweet memories with family or friends. Board the rides like Sky Coaster, Tornado, the Grand Canyon, Super Splash etc., to fill yourself with thrill and excitement and at last relax a bit while enjoying shows like ‘The colours of the world parade’ before retrieving back to home.


Why To Book Dream World Bangkok Tickets online?

If you’re planning a day trip to Dream World Bangkok, it would be advisable to book the tickets online. The process of booking the tickets in online mode is hassle free ,unlike in physical mode where one has to stand in long queues. The discounts and various package options like Dream World Tickets and Super Visa tickets offered in online booking makes the trip convenient. The confirmation and booking policy of tickets is an easy process plus the refund and cancellation policies are highly convenient too.

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Restaurants and Shops

  • The Dream World Park Bangkok includes various kinds of fun activities for adults and kids. It’s a suitable place for people of all age groups.

  • Enjoy the scenic beauty at Fantasy Land and Dream Garden, and get yourself a ton of pictures.

  • Have a wholesome package of all kinds of rides like boat ride, viking ship and grand canyon.

  • Enjoy the attraction of the park, Asia’s first hanging roller coaster according to Thrillophilia- the Sky Coaster, dangling freely from the harnessed seat in the air.

  • End your heavy day while enjoying the beautiful, exciting and enthralling shows like the Colours of the World Parade and the Hollywood Stunt.

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Why To Visit Dream World Bangkok?

Dream World Bangkok

It offers itself as a perfect place of amusement for anyone visiting Bangkok either alone, with friends, family or kids. The enthralling rides here are to make your whole day exciting and fun-filled at a very affordable price. The simpler rides like cable car, vintage car rides, bump cars, boat rides, etc., are suitable for someone not comfortable with heavier ones like roller coasters, the grand canyon, black hole coaster, vikings and hurricane.

The Dream World Park, Bangkok has a beautiful picturesque view to be enjoyed at Dream World Plaza. It’s at the entrance of the park and the first palace to enjoy. It has lots of cute architecture and photogenic spots allowing you to feed your Instagram with stunning photos. With other spots like the PhotoPia, Snow Town and the Haunted House, the park provides an enriching and diverse experience at a single place.

The Park is a wholesome entertainment place with various restaurants and souvenir shops to shop beautiful gifts for your loved ones and enjoy a diverse range of food items of Thai, European, Japanese and American kind available at food outlets. With the needs of thrill-seekers, children, food-lovers and shopping enthusiasts taken care of at a single place, the park is the most suitable place for a Sunday and a must for those wanting to spend a vacation in Bangkok or visit there.

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Rides in Dream World Park, Bangkok

The park offers a variety of rides that can fill you with an adrenaline rush and make the trip very exciting and enthralling. The rides here vary from simpler ones like bump car, raptor, cable car, snow town to difficult ones like the grand canyon, hurricane, tornado, etc. Here, you can scream your heart out with your friends and family members on the most amazing rides like sky coaster, the black hole coaster and vikings.

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Dream World Bangkok
Snow Town

To enjoy an icy and snowy experience like that of a hill station under a temperature of -8 degree celsius visit this beautiful town and bring yourself relief in the scorching heat of Bangkok. The Town offers an attraction to children as well as adults interested in doing activities like skiing, sledging, playing with snowfall, building a snowman, throwing ice balls on friends or family and getting some snapped with them. The protective gears like a jacket, boots and gloves are provided at the entry counter.

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Dream World Bangkok

Get on this one of the crazy rides at the park with your gutsy friends and scream along when it spins you up in the air at a high speed. The ride is the go-to for all the thrill seekers and one of the most suitable one for adults. This particular ride in the Dream World Park, Bangkok swings like a pendulum at the speed of 75 km/hour while spinning you around as well. It flies you up to 7-storey into the air, thus making it an exciting experience.

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Dream World Bangkok

One of the scariest rides it seems, when it spins and rotates just like a hurricane, and turns you upside down in the air while taking a vertical circular turn on its hinges. It gives a feeling that one is being juggled up in the air like balls for straight 3 minutes. It would serve as perfect prank ride to enjoy with your friends. It’s advisable to not take a ride on this hurricane after having your food.

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Dream World Bangkok
Sky Coaster

Ride this most amazing hanging sky roller coaster placed at Adventure Land in Dream World Bangkok, Thailand. It is ranked amongst the most challenging rides which makes one feel like hanging freely from the harnessed seat in the air. The ride might seem challenging because of its meandering route and hanging seats but once boarded, it feels like an amazing wonderful ride which fills one with absolute thrill. It suits those with a fear of height but wanting a real adrenaline rush adventure.

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Dream World Bangkok

A ship ride, it may simply be called, which sways you up high in the air in two opposite directions with lightning speed. A light adventurous ride which guarantees to bring one the most electrifying experience with every swing delivered. A perfect ride which is enjoyable by both the adults and the children.

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Dream World Bangkok
Grand Canyon

It’s one of the spectacular water rides available in the Dream World Amusement Park, Bangkok. Relax yourself while boarding one of the seats on this big circular pod with 8 raised up chairs and enjoy the curvy lanes raging with water rapids while eventually splashing into a gigantic water pool. The ride provides a very refreshing experience as the journey over these curvy lanes with a lot of twists and turns give an impression of one doing a water sport in a stream of river. It’s a simple yet enthralling ride designed such that people from all age- groups can enjoy it comfortably.

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Dream World Bangkok

A big circular bowl ride which rotates at a high speed while also bouncing you in every possible direction without the slightest hint of the next move. This simple yet not so simple ride looks fun-filled, as you watch your friends and family members bumping cluelessly into each other. If you aren’t someone who gets their heads rushing in circular motions, the ride is the best one for you to end your visit at the Dream World Park Bangkok.

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Dream World Bangkok
Bump Car

Jump over in these electric bumping cars to take a break from other heavy rides to bump into cars of your friends/family members or even strangers and bring yourself some thrill. The ride is complementary to the design of the Dream World Park, Bangkok, just as the park aims to provide an enriching experience to visitors of all age-groups, so does this ride

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Dream World Bangkok
Black Hole Coaster

An enclosed indoor thrilling roller coaster ride with a length of 2,034.1 ft and a haunting element of darkness which previously was called Space Mountain, ready to engulf you in the world of excitement. It’s the star attraction of the Dream World Bangkok, Thailand implying a visit to the park is must in order to enjoy this amazing ride. A single ride on the black hole coaster won’t really suffice especially when the rides can be enjoyed for numerous times by each individual.

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Shows At The Dream World Bangkok

There are amazing shows planned at the Dream World Park Bangkok for making it a wholesome and diverse experience for the visitors. The shows will fill one with the feelings of thrill, happiness and laughter. So, sit back to relax and enjoy before going back home and bid a goodbye to the park. Witness all your favourite cartoon characters and discover various Hollywood scenes made from light and sound effects for your entertainment.

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Dream World Bangkok
The Colours Of The World Parade

A bonus for the children visiting the park, this parade has almost all the famous cartoon characters like Cindrella, Superman and some of the fictional characters like James Bond walking the ramp waving at all the visitors gathered. The parade is organised near the large pond of Dream Garden and is almost like a golden opportunity for the kids who want to experience the presence of their favoutive cartoon characters. The colours of this beautiful parade are spread around 03:45pm on weekends and public holidays.

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Dream World Bangkok
Hollywood Action

This 25 minute long show involves creating live hollywood action scenes by stimulating sounds and lighting effects. It’s a treat to all the action movie fans visiting the park. It makes it possible for them to witness and enjoy an action movie in its naked raw form. The show keeps the audience thrilled and excited throughout every scene and the whole show. Due to the violent scenes involved in the show, the show is not recommendable for children. It happens near the Lunch Time Area and the timings of the show are: On weekdays- 2:30 pm On weekends- 12:30pm, 02:30pm, 04:30pm

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Know Before You Book Dream World Bangkok Tickets

Essential Informatiom
How To Reach
Facilities Available Inside Dream World Bangkok

Location: 62 Moo 1, Rangsit- Ongkharak Road, bueng Yitho, Thanyaburi District, Pathum Thani 12130 THAILAND. It is at a distance of 43km from the centre of Bangkok city.

Timings: On weekdays (Monday to Friday) -10:00am to 17:00pm On weekends (Saturday & Sunday) - 10:00am to 19:00pm.

Best time to Visit: The best visiting time would be morning hours to enjoy the space more in the less crowded hours. In order to enjoy all the excitement of the park, it’s best to reach the park early and explore each and every ride. It’s best to visit the Dream World Bangkok Thailand during weekdays as the waiting queues at popular rides and attractions are less during these days of the week.

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Dream World Bangkok Tickets FAQs

What are the best rides at Dream World Bangkok?

Every ride is enthralling and exciting. But, the must-see ones are hurricane, tornado, sky coaster, the grand canyon, black hole coaster (space mountain), super splash and the 4D Adventure. The water fun zone rides, the giant mouse, the snow town, sleeping beauty’s castle, photopia and cable car are the must-ones if you’ve children along.

How far is Dreamworld from Bangkok city centre?

The distance is around 43km between Dreamworld and Bangkok city centre, and can be easily covered in an hour. There are both public and private transport facilities available.

What all things do we need to carry?

  • A sunscreen, hat and water bottle to keep yourself and your skin hydrated in the humid and dry weather of Bangkok.
  • It’s advisable to download the map of the Dream World Bangkok, Thailand to plan the day at the park as well as navigate your way throughout the park.

Are there any places to eat in Dream World Bangkok?

  • There are many food and beverage shops and stalls available inside the park.
  • The tickets often carry discount coupons for the lunch buffet at the Thai restaurant inside the park.
  • But, other options like- KFC. Tom Yum Noodles ,Food Outlets are available inside the premises as well.
  • Krua Rangsit serves French and Thai cuisines and Je Dam Pochana is an authentic Japanese restaurant near the park, where visitors can enjoy a delectable dining experience

Do you pay for rides at Dreamworld?

There is no extra payment required at each ride. The tickets cover all the rides and shows, just wear the band provided at the entrance and enjoy at the Dream World Bangkok.

How many rides does Dreamworld have?

There are over 40 rides at Dream World Bangkok, offering thrilling and exciting rides for people of all ages. These rides are all included in the entrance ticket of the park, and one can ride each ride numerous times, there is no restriction on that.

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