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Loaded with some of Bangkok’s best thrills and adventures, Siam Amazing Park promises a fun day out for the entire family. Siam Amazing Park has a massive waterpark, a second amusement park with thrilling rides, and a park dedicated to Bangkok's cultural history. Because this amusement park is at the outskirts of the main city, it's a good idea to devote a day to it during your Bangkok visit.

The entrance of the Siam Amazing Park is flanked by a multicolored princess’ palace, promising adventures byond. Water World, X-Zone, Family World, Fantasy World, and Small World are the different sections, each with rides for all ages. One of the park's most popular zones is Water World, where you can take leisurely rides down a river that runs through it. In fact, the water park features the world's largest wave pool!

Book Siam Amazing Park Tickets & get a chance to experience several exhilarating attractions at X-Zone attract adults and older children. With a top speed of 80 km/h, Vortex is among the world's biggest cantilevered roller coasters. Small World has a miniature carousel, a small pond with swan boats, and a bouncy castle for young children. A large part of the adventure park is covered, offering shelter from both heat and rain.

The Family World at Siam Adventure Park is home to one of the tallest Observation decks in Southeast Asia, which features the best panoramic views along with a restaurant. The Long Flume Restaurant and the Si-Am Cafe are two of the other fantastic eateries on the premises.

Siam Amazing Park Tickets

Why Book Siam Amazing Park Tickets?

Booking the Siam Amazing Park tickets online could be an excellent means of reducing wait time, allowing one direct entry to the attraction without having to wait in the queues that line up outside this extremely popular attraction. The Siam Amazing Park tickets grant ticket-holders access to all of the 5 zones and all of the adventure rides in the Park’s premises.

Highlights Of Siam Amazing Park Tickets
Facilities & Inclusions
  • Book Siam Amazing Park Tickets & spend a day of fun and adventure with the entire family at Siam Amazing Park Bangkok
  • Take a dip in the world’s largest wave pool at the Water World
  • Climb to the very top of the Si-Am Tower, the tallest observation deck in Southeast Asia
  • Test your more adventurous side with the thrill attractions at Xtreme World, which include a coaster with the second longest suspended loop in the world
  • Let your young ones explore the mini-rides and carousels at Small World, a zone dedicated entirely to children
  • Enjoy a 5D cinema show at the Astro-Liner adventure in Adventure World

Amazing Adventure Places In Siam Amazing Park

Siam Amazing Park Bangkok is one of the most popular family entertainment destinations in Bangkok, and with good reason. The Adventure Park features five exciting zones, brimming with rides, adventures and attractions tailored to visitors across all age groups. While a fantastic range of water adventures await one at the Water World, those with an appetite for thrill will feel right at home at Xtreme World. If extreme rides are not your thing, you’ll find repose at the Adventure World, while the Small World promises a fun day out for the park’s youngest visitors.

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Water World

Priding in its status as one of the largest water parks in Asia, Water World is the most sought after zone at Siam Amazing Park Bangkok. A fitting oasis to cut through the Bangkok heat, the casual, tropical vibe of the water park is enhanced with its canopy of palm and coconut trees. The water adventure park features an exciting variety of slides, rides and pools tailored to guests across all age groups. The Wave Pool at the Water World is also the world’s largest, and has secured its place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Xtreme World

Adventure lovers who are willing to test their daring side should head over to the Xtreme World, Amazing Park’s very own extreme adventure themed zone. This zone exclusively features high thrill rides that are best suited to adults and older children. One of the biggest attractions here is Vortex, a roller coaster featuring one of the two biggest upside-down coaster loops in the world. The second coaster, Boomerang, has its riders travel forwards and backwards at maximum speed. The Long Flume is another popular coaster adventure that has groups of 3 riders travel through a Lion Cave before plummeting into the water below.

Adventure World

The Adventure World at Siam Amazing Park features a classic range of traditional adventure rides, catering to children and adults alike. The rides here are considerably milder than those at the Xtreme World. The Jurassic Adventure takes oneon a safari through Jurassic Park, while the Astro-Liner is a fantastic 5D cinema experience inside a space shuttle. The Twin Dragon resembles the classic pirate ship ride, and swings back and forth on a dragon shaped boat. Adventure World also offers a number of rides for younger children, although all children have to be supervised on the rides.

Family World

The Family World at Siam Adventure Park is a special ‘edutainment’ zone, which seeks to both entertain and educate. Featuring only three attractions, Family World is the smallest zone at the Park. The Si-Am Tower is Amazing Park’s very own observation deck, which is the tallest observation deck in Southeast Asia, offers 360 degree views of the city.The Double Deck Merry Go Round is a special fairytale themed attraction that is well loved by children across all ages. The Big Double Shock is a haunted house adventure, with its dark tunnels traveling through hell, heaven and the spiritual realm as imagined in the Thai world.

Small World

The Small World quite literally, features ‘small’ adventures for the ‘small’ visitors. Toy trains, mini automobiles and fun water boats are some of the many rides that children can explore in this zone. The special play zone here features a lagoon of small slides, tunnels to crawl through and climbers’ fences. Some of the many popular rides here include the Mini Astroflight, Mini Carousel, Mini Boat and many more. Although all rides are child friendly, adult supervision is still encouraged.

Why Visit Siam Amazing Park?

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  • Explore more than 30 exciting thrills and attractions that Siam Amazing Park has to offer
  • Take a splash in the world’s largest wave pool at Water World
  • Take a spin on some of the most thrilling roller coasters in Bangkok at the Xtreme World
  • Choose from a host of fun family adventures at Adventure World
  • Enjoy a meal on Southeast Asia’s tallest Observation Deck at the Family World
  • Let your children go crazy with the mini attractions of Small World

Know Before You Book Siam Amazing Park Tickets

Essential Information
How To Reach
Rules and Regulations
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203 Suan Siam Road, Kannayao, Bangkok 1023


Water Park: 10.00 AM- 05.00 PM on all days.

Other zones: 10.00 AM- 06.00 PM on all days.

Best Time To Visit:

The best time to visit Siam Amazing Park would be during Bangkok’s winter months, ideally between November and March. The weather during these months remains cool, pleasant and dry, making it the best time for a day under the sun.

Tips To Visit Siam Amazing Park

  • Purchase your Siam Amazing Park tickets online to ensure a hassle free entry into the attraction
  • The Bangkok heat often tends to get harsh, so make sure you wear enough sunscreen before you
  • Carry a personal bottle of water to stay hydrated throughout your trip
  • Some adventure or extreme rides may be unsuitable if you’re prone to dizziness or nausea
  • If you’re carrying big luggage, it’s better to deposit it at the lockers to ensure a hassle free trip
  • Some of the smaller shops and kiosks inside the park accept cash only, so make sure you have some cash in hand
  • All adults are advised to supervise their wards at all points, especially when on rides
  • Some parts of the adventure park, such as the Small World, are covered, and can be a good place to seek shelter during rain or extreme heat

Siam Amazing Park FAQs

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